Digital Image Transfer:
Creating Art with Your Photography

“A lecture is the best way to get information from the professor’s notebook into the student’s notebook without passing through either brain.” – Pelz, 2004, p. 31

Embracing and merging the analog and digital divide is the scope behind this book. Lectures, as pointed out by the above, act like a sieve: very little sticks. Instead, in this step-by-step book, I intend to show you how to turn your photographs and artistic creations into everything from fine art to wearable craft. The creation of high-end art products will be covered through analog-digital capture, software applications, (such as Corel Essentials, Photoshop, Studio Artist and Artmatic).

So instead of tossing out your analog images, negatives, and /or film transparencies, you will assimilate what can be done with the old (analog) and the new (digital). This book will explain how to repurpose your images and recombine them to produce art.

The gist is to embrace your photographs and transfer your artistic imagery onto an array of substrates. New materials such as Sheer Heaven, Grafix and their applications will be introduced. ‘Happy accidents’ will highlight new techniques and their formation into everything from art apparel to fabricated jewelry. And the resulting by-products of the photographic art will also be reviewed.

This byproduct, outsider art will take on new meaning as your “ghosts” / cast-offs offer additional use from the original intention. This dip into environmental (green) art will encourage you to salvage all aspects of your projects for additional artistic measure. In short, ideas will abound for fashioning your images into formats other than traditional, digital output. By celebrating the differences between analog / digital capture and output, you will fuse the distinct, artistic possibilities of both worlds. In the following Gallery, you will see some samples of images and projects to come.

In sum, I encourage you to break the rules and combine these differences. Toast the marriage of these uncomfortable bedfellows, analog and digital. I bid you to play and above all, ever art.

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