Recently, my dear friend, Melissa Zeitler, co-owner (with her lovely husband, Steve) of the Citrasolv product line,  asked me to talk about how to wake up revitalized and ready to face the day. As a yoga therapist, I often treat a variety of people who have little to no energy, are beyond "being in the doldrums," and are in a word, depressed. This ... Click to read more

Transferring CitraSolv onto Fabric

A lot of folks have been asking me about a video I made (5 years ago) regarding CitraSolv. Click here to watch YouTube tutorial: And here are some images made using this wonderful product. It even transfers onto silk  (as shown below on the work-in-progress frame and then  finished product). You can augment your silk scarf projects and personalize with your own ... Click to read more

12 Poses to Combat Osteoporosis in L4 and L5

In a recent New York Times article (12 minutes of Yoga for Bone Health), Jane Brody wrote about an interview with  Loren Fishman, MD, a physiatrist at Columbia University who specializes in rehabilitative medicine. I had the advantage of being in an all day workshop with Dr. Fishman during SYTAR 2015, where he lectured about this work. In this New York Times article, ... Click to read more

Yoga Therapy Prop Use for Hemiparesis in a Stroke Survivor

Post meditation and setting an intention, my client would often then move into several cat-cows (marjaryasana – bitilasana) asanas to warm up her spine. Naturally, her knees would be supported with a thick yoga blanket (to protect her synovial fluid) on top of her ¼ inch yoga mat. But often her effected hand would be unable to relax to the ground ... Click to read more

Digital Image Transfer – Transferring Images to Clear Tape

To transfer images onto packaging tape, use a laser printer to print your image. A heat based toner machine (laser printer or photocopy machine) produces the best result. The method is simple enough: Step 1: Using Photoshop or a similar software program, print your images onto your substrate (cheap bond paper works fine). If you print in black and white, you can add color or ... Click to read more