A Leap of Faith: The Call to Art


In A Leap of Faith: The Call to Art, Dr. Ellen Horovitz examines the diverse and convergent roles of the therapist as artist, writer, mother, teacher, and clinician.

This publication questions what is essential in art therapy and engages authentic positioning in and out of the therapeutic office. This return to art, or the call to art, changed the author¹s identity and efficacy as a therapist.

Artwork, fiction, and clinical work transform as insight occurs. The casework throughout the book provides models for integrating the assessment and intuitive features of art therapy educator and clinician. Dr. Ellen Horovitz’s own work and that of her clients is shared without guile.

In this book, the myth of clinician neutrality is broken and instead, the author’s focus is on bringing one’s conscious self to work in order to become more authentic with oneself and one’s clients.

The fundamental process of creating art that guides personal and professional life is described as “elemental play.” This state of “elemental play” perpetuates that connection with the patient as another human being on the trajectory towards wellness.

Play is seen as the intrinsic element of the art making process that offers directions for resolution of conflicts, the evolution of personal growth, and ultimately “soulution.” This concept of an artistic “soulution” offers the necessary elements of healing and transformation. For any reader, whether trained in art therapy or not, A Leap of Faith: The Call to Art validates the transcendent aspects of art creativity, and play.