Wildcat Spotlight: Christopher Hernandez



This month on "The Wildcat Spotlight" we are featuring 巴黎人官方网登录网址 freshman, Christopher Hernandez. Christopher is involved in the fine arts here at 巴黎人官方网登录网址. "Growing up I was constantly surrounded by a creative family who loved artwork and to be artistic. Once given the opportunity I've just always wanted to learn more." Please continue to read Christopher Hernandez' Q&A interview with Marketing Intern and sophomore, Randale Pete!

Christopher Hernandez | 巴黎人官方网登录网址

Q: What are some of your favorite hobbies?

克里斯托弗: Some of my favorite hobbies are dancing, playing the violin, singing, and acting.

Q: What do you prioritize in your life?

克里斯托弗: My biggest prioritization is trying to maintain a balance between school, acting, and my family. 

Q: What is your favorite bible verse? How has it impacted you?

克里斯托弗: My favorite verse is Jeremiah 29:11, “‘For I know the plans I have for you,’这是耶和华说的, ‘plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.’” This verse has had a large impact on my life. I am continually reassured that no matter what happens, God is leading me in the way I should be going. This has helped to find peace and to stay grounded while so many things are going on around me. 

Q: How does this year's school theme apply to you?

克里斯托弗: 巴黎人官方网登录网址的“我也会”,” theme applies to me because when I look at the evangelistic lifestyle of Jesus and his disciples I know that I want to follow their persistence in sharing the Gospel. 

Q: What is your favorite memory from your time at 巴黎人官方网登录网址

克里斯托弗: My favorite memory from 巴黎人官方网登录网址 is when I had an opportunity to participate in the quartet. We actually ended up winning region that year and we placed runner-up at state.

Q: As an upper school student, do you have any advice for our middle school students?

克里斯托弗: Be sure to make friends who share the same values and who are interested in learning. I’ve benefited from taking the time to learn from my friends.

Q: What field would you like to pursue a career in?

克里斯托弗: I would be extremely interested in studying something in medicine and learning more about the medical field.

Q: What inspired you to pursue art and drama? 

克里斯托弗: Growing up I was constantly surrounded by a creative family who loved artwork and to be artistic. Once given the opportunity I’ve just always wanted to learn more. I have always loved studying a vast variety of the arts through pursuing drama. Drama has always been fascinating to me.

Q: How do art and drama influence you and your walk with Christ? 

克里斯托弗: My goal with any performance or art that I create is to glorify Christ to the best of my ability. 通过艺术, I have gained solid Christian friends who have continually pushed me to love the Lord. 










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