2019 Green-Orr Award Winners Announced



Congratulations to Jenni Shaver, Ashley Shaw, and Micah Waldecker, the 2019 Green-Orr Award recipients!

Shaver: Green-Orr | Westminster
Shaw: Green-Orr | Westminster
Waldecker: Green-Orr | Westminster

Since 2005, 一名低年级和一至两名初中/高中教师在他们的领域获得了Green-Orr奖. 该奖项旨在庆祝我校教师的成就,并纪念胡安妮塔、查尔斯·格林和哈里·奥尔, parents of Peggy and Charlie Green. 每年在开学前的开放日为教职员工举办, the 2019 Green-Orr Award was presented to Jenni Shaver, the media specialist in the Lower School, Ashley Shaw, the science teacher in the Middle School, and Micah Waldecker, the educational tech coordinator and Spanish teacher in the Upper School. 

Mrs. Shaver, Mrs. Shaw, and Mr. 沃尔德克是由其他教职员工投票选出的. Criteria for the award includes showing clear evidence and consistent support and advancement of Westminster’s mission; demonstrating significant impact on students through regular contact via teaching, coaching, and/or mentoring; providing a positive Christian role model; and having completed at least five years on the faculty at Westminster. 

以下是布莱恩·凯斯(Brian Case)与卡罗琳·惠特科姆(Caroline Whitcomb)共同颁奖时的评论.

Jenni Shaver

Jenni Shaver触动了每个学生和教师的心和生活在低学校和许多家长. 她是为数不多的几位老师之一,可以教所有通过威斯敏斯特的低年级学生. 她非常认真地负责教学生如何使用技术, 她为他们提供了在中学1:世界项目中茁壮成长所需的技能. Mrs. Shaver不仅为巴黎人官方网登录网址的学生提供了适当的知识,他们需要在这个现代数字时代导航. 她教会他们个人的责任,教育他们认识到技术可能带来的可怕的机遇和危险. Christ is at the center of what she does. She is always looking for new ways to innovate and challenge the kids. 她不仅是一位优秀的老师,而且她还不断地寻找方法来帮助其他老师. Mrs. Shaver is always willing to help anyone with a need. 她是一个很好的问题解决者,总是有想法如何提高自己和巴黎人官方网登录网址的学校.

Mrs. Shaver also makes a bridge for the parents and Westminster. 她每年组织书展,用书展的钱购买材料,帮助她对学生产生更有意义的影响. Additionally, 她负责监督每年为家长俱乐部订购的配套用品. 阿莫多瓦)正在指导新的课外活动项目,威斯敏斯特XD. 她的精力和热情是永无止境的,她的愿望是在所有领域教育优秀! She is a great example for all of us!

Ashley Shaw

Mrs. Shaw has taught in the Lower School and in the Middle School, and she has taught in math as well as science in Middle School. She teaches, she mentors, she advises, she leads the science bowl club, and oversees the Middle School leadership program. Mrs. 肖是那种愿意以任何方式为他人服务的老师. She will see a need and will seek to fill it without even being asked. 她是绝对受人爱戴的,因为她真的在个人层面上寻求与她的每一个学生接触. In addition, she is an encouragement to parents and her co-workers. She sees the best in everyone and is quick to point it out. In the science classroom, she is clearly a lifelong learner; always seeking to improve on her teaching methods. A typical class for Mrs. Shaw may include bungee jumps with barbies, shooting homemade rockets, or creating games using circuits. In the midst of this, she manages the class extremely well. Her love of the subject spreads to her students. The Middle School leadership program has grown under her direction. 她很快就会花额外的时间和学生们在一起,挑战他们,以提升他们作为领导者的潜力. 然后,她很快就会和那些在团队合作中克服恐惧的人一起庆祝. 最后,她对主的爱在她为她的学生和同事所做的一切中都很明显. Her joy is infectious.

Micah Waldecker

Micah Waldecker在学校担任多种角色,包括课堂内外. As a Spanish teacher, 他对语言和学习的热爱体现在他的AP课程上,他每天都在挑战和支持他的学生. 他创造了一个既舒适又鼓舞人心的课堂环境:学生在犯错时感到安全,但也愿意尝试新事物和挑战自己. His love for learning is contagious. 

As the technology coordinator, Mr. 沃尔德克始终愉快地服务于其他教师和学生. 他在满足巴黎人官方网登录网址的技术需求方面非常努力,而且他总是很有耐心和善良. His assistance with the 1:World program has been invaluable, both in creating documents that give clear expectations for students, 在维护设备本身和不断思考与父母合作使用科技的方式. Much of this work has been behind the scenes, which Mr. Waldecker does with a humble and willing spirit. 

Mr. 沃尔德克微笑着和每个人打招呼,真诚地关心他周围的人. 他很快就会说出一句鼓励的话,但为了满足别人的需要,他经常会放弃正在做的任何事情, whether it be to cover a class or to solve a technological conundrum. He is very patient with both students and faculty alike, no matter how simple or difficult the task at hand. Mr. 沃尔德克经常用俏皮的双关语和深思熟虑的谈话逗他的同事笑. 他寻求与周围的人建立社区和有意义的关系, 无论是通过指导中学顾问,还是承诺每周为学生祈祷. 

Most of all, Mr. Waldecker loves Jesus and he points others to Christ in both word and deed. We are blessed to have him as part of our school community.










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