Digital Image Transfer:Creating Art with Your Photography

guides readers through imaginative photo projects that transform cherished analog and digital images into works of art.

Yoga Therapy: Theory and Practice

written by expert yoga therapy practitioners, is a vital guidebook for any clinician or scholar looking to integrate yoga into the medical and mental health fields.

The Art Therapists´ Primer: A Clinical Guide to Writing Assessments, Diagnosis, and Treatment

places art therapy on equal footing with all mental health workers and gives them the necessary armament to write clinically-based reports that serve as a model for the field. Educators will use this manual as a teaching tool.

A Leap of Faith: The Call to Art

In this book which questions what is essential in art therapy, Dr. Horovitz examines the diverse and convergent roles of the therapist as artist, writer, mother, teacher, and clinician.

Spiritual Art Therapy: An Alternative Path (has two)

In this book, therapists are urged to take into account the existence of spiritual aspects of personality, both in terms of making proper assessments and more focused treatment plans for people under their care.

Visually Speaking: Art Therapy and the Deaf

celebrates the unique strengths of deaf individuals while rejecting the focus on their weaknesses. Visually Speaking offers a vantage point that is both optimistic and realistic. This book will sensitize, inform, and inspire you.